Daily Archives: October 12, 2016

static front page

I’ve been thinking I want to set up a static front page. Now, there is all this web site jargon that I’m not too good with so I’m not sure that will do what I really want to do which is to introduce myself and talk a little about why the blog is named after Zach. I’m hoping I can still have at least a couple of posts on the front page as well. I don’t really know how people are reading the blog. Give me feedback, people!

Do I have regular readers who are keeping up? When people come upon the site now with nearly 4 months of posts are they looking through the tags or the categories to find something new?

For myself, I’m not ready to go back through my writing yet. I’ve poked around enough to know that the site is working well enough. I’m finally starting to get the feeling that I might have reduced my work schedule enough to really work on this though so here’s my first warning.