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update on the guy downstairs

He doesn’t play his TV loud any more but he must be watching it because I hear him laugh at it all the time. He has this moronic-sounding ‘ah-HUH’ that leaks through the floor seemingly whenever he’s home. I still hear him bashing and crashing in (presumably) his kitchen but he’s been able to restrict that to reasonable hours.

I have noticed that my cabinets and drawers are old and pretty noisy so I try to be careful with them in the dark hours.

the guy downstairs

Ah, apartment living! No lawn to mow, no leaks to fix. Just jerks downstairs that bash and crash in the kitchen then turn their TV up loud in the middle of the night.

Rather than get in an altercation that could result in ugliness, my usual M. O. is to turn over and remain calm so I can get back to sleep. Tonight was worse than usual so now I’m up with my blog after I wrote the landlady an email about it. Three hours from now I have to be leaving for work. I’m going to try again to get to sleep.