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Catherine Frances Wood

I believe in my posts about my Denver trip I mentioned going to the graveyard (cemetery) in Lawson. Lawson is about a half hour west of Denver on I-70. The neighboring town of Georgetown is better known.

But Lawson is what I have programmed into my head. Lawson is what I remember from stops there as a boy. Here is a picture from my visit there in 1982:


That stuff is all gone now. I didn’t take any pictures of the town this last time because there’s basically nothing of interest there.

Why am I thinking of Lawson again? Because of a photograph I saw at Mom and Dad’s the other day. It’s an image of Catherine Frances Wood, who was my grandfather’s older sister and is buried in the Lawson cemetery with her father. The image has always reached out and grabbed me with her calm appraising stare at the photographer.

The tombstone reads,
‘Katie F. Wood 
Died Jan. 15, 1890 
Aged 8 Years 3 Ms. 5 Ds. 
Rest in Peace.’

And down at the bottom of the stone, ‘Gone but not forgotten.’